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STS promises to fulfill its role and mission to become a trusted partner. 


Based on 20 years of accumulated SMT technology and experience, STS provides a variety of solutions such as Marking Solution,

Label Placerm Inkjet Marking, and Scanner, which boast the best barcode printing technology.

We are continuously conducting research and development to establish an optimal tracking management system through linking

our products with the MES of your production site. We will strive to create quality value and work with our customers with the best technology.

STS Technologes

The value of STS

Parts supply device

Possesses specialized technology to

automatically supply micro parts.

High-precision parts alignment function.

Precise position control technology.

State-of-the-art H/W production technology.

Own design/production/verification technology.

Controller Technology

Optimal system configuration through

self-developed Embedded Controller.

Special features and application technologies.

Cost-saving technology with minimal parts.

Multi-axis control technology through network.

Automation design and control technology.

Vision Technology

Self-developed vision technology.

Various vision application technologies.

Image processing technology of ultra-high 

resolution line scan camera.

Optimal calibration convenience.

High performance scanning and recognition.

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